Core Curriculum

The most important thing that music teachers can do for their pupils is to inspire and encourage an emotional response—not just for music but, more importantly—for all aspects of life.
Seymour Bernstein (1927 - ), from the documentary Seymour: An Introduction

Our core curriculum is designed to inspire students to incorporate music as a part of their life’s journey. We gently move at a gradual pace, encouraging students to look at music as a playful, learning practice—while immersing them in the fundamentals of music-making. The following is a description of our group classes:

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Music For Little Mozarts

Pre-K and Kindergarten (4-5 yrs. old) - 4 Books

Nick Evangelista guiding a student's finger placement on the piano keyboard at HPC School of music.

This class provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the enjoyment one receives from the process of music-making. The course centers on the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse™ as they learn about music.

Three correlating books (Music Lesson Book, Music Workbook, and Music Discovery Book) at each of four levels guide the children through a comprehensive approach to musical learning, using the piano over approximately a two-year period.

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Epic Music Adventures

Elementary (6-10 yrs. old) - 4 Books

Montage of Nick Evangelista teaching a group of kids at HPC School of Music.

The goal of this curriculum is to allow kids to experience the joy of making music. However, this course cleverly includes all the fundamentals that are key to learning the piano; each lesson progressively presents note reading, music theory, ear training, rhythm skills, and piano technique.

The end result is a well-rounded musician who loves to play piano, one who is prepared to take on their next musical challenge through classical, jazz, pop/rock repertoire, or even their own compositions.

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Epic Music Adventures for Teens

Middle & High School (11-17 yrs. old) - 2 Books

Nick Evangelista teaching group lessons at HPC School of Music.

An accelerated course based on the material from our beginners’ kids books; however, the pace is quickened to match the learning speed of the older learner.

Just like our core curriculum for kids, the songs are fun and the background music is modern—which helps keep the pre-teen and teen learners motivated.

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Musical Moments - Adult Learners

Adults - 3 Books

Group piano lessons for adults with a Roland digital piano at HPC School of Music.

For the adult who always wanted to play piano, or played previously and wants to resume their study. This course provides a musical break, a time to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy playing music in your life.

Like our other courses, each lesson progressively presents note reading, music theory, ear training, rhythm skills, and piano technique. Adults will enjoy improving each week but will not be overwhelmed by new concepts—keeping in mind they often have busy schedules.

Most adults want to learn to play their favorite songs on piano, and this course is an excellent gateway to that wonderful destination and beyond. But most surprising, many adult students never realized just how much they enjoy the journey too!

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Musical Moments - Adult Learners

Retirees - 6 Books

A woman playing in front of a piano.

Retirees often find they have a little more time to invest in their own interests. One thing we hear often is: "I always wanted to play piano." Or: "I stopped playing piano when I started working, and now I want to learn to play again!" Very often, the main motivating factor may just be to let go of stress and clear the mind.

Whatever the reason, Musical Moments is a wonderful course designed for those adults looking to enjoy piano music in their lives and, while doing so, improve their overall health.

We know you can play!

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