Original Piano Maker(s)

Andreas Georg Ritmüller and Gotlieb Wilhelm Ritmüller

Date Established


Original Location(s)

Göttingen, Germany

Benefits & Features

  • Re-engineered by master piano designer, Lothar Thomma, to infuse the precision of old German craftsmanship
  • Combining old-world, European tradition with modern state-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Louis Renner premium hammer felt from Germany
  • Vertically laminated maple bridges with solid maple caps
  • Röslau strings & ebony wood sharps
  • Action made from select hornbeam and maple wood
  • High grade, solid spruce soundboards

Notable Dates

  • 1884-1885 — Ritmüller awarded various medals and diplomas in Germany and London.
  • 1891 — Bernhard Schröder took over the company

Current Owner(s)

Pearl River Piano Group. Since 2006, designed by Lothar Thomma. Manufactured in Guangzhou, China.
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