Original Piano Maker(s)

Brothers, Julius and Albert Perzina

Date Established


Original Location(s)

Schwerin, Germany

Benefits & Features

  • Full line of professional verticals (48"- 51") and professional grands (5'0" to 6'2")
  • Built using original German scale designs
  • Special floating soundboard and concave soundboard crown (for clear resonance and precise expression of tone)
  • Upper-grade solid spruce soundboards and ribs
  • Renner-designed action on grands, for precision control of tone (action regulated by European standards)
  • German "Röslau" strings and German Meyne hammers
  • Fine veneers of pure color and bright lacquer finish

Innovation(s) / Patent(s)

  • Paul Perzina invented a reversible double key-bottom for the Janko Keyboard.

Notable Dates

  • c. 1880s — Perzina awarded first prize at the Schwerin Exhibition.
  • 1883 — Perzina named 'Pianos Supplier to the Court' by the grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Notable Dates (cont.)

  • c. Late 1880s — Albert Perzina left the company.
  • 1897 — Daniel Huss (Julius Perzina's son-in-law) appointed head of the company.
  • 1901 — Perzina the largest piano factory in northern Germany.
  • 1904 — A fire destroyed the existing factory and had to be rebuilt in a new location.
  • 1906 — Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, along with the Majesty the King of Portugal and the Duke of Anhalt, chose Perzina to be the Royal Piano Factory.
  • 1917 — Anthony 'The Flying Dutchman' Fokker (1890-1939) became a major owner to Perzina.
  • 1918 — Otto Libeau took charge of the company (known as Perzina's 'dark ages').
  • 1930s — Friedrich Geil purchased the company.
  • After the unification of Germany, the company is sold to CEO Ronald Gerdinus Bol of Music Brokers International B.V.

Current Owner(s)

Music Brokers International B.V.of the Netherlands. The pianos are German designed under Dutch supervision – with 90% of the materials supplied from Europe.
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