Epic Music Adventures

Montage of children learning the piano at HPC School of Music summer camp.

What Is It?

An innovative, one-week summer piano program designed specifically for beginners of all ages playing music that is fun and interesting, with accompaniment tracks that 'rock!'

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The Joy Of The Camp Environment

Our summer piano camps were created to expose children to playing the piano in a positive, fun, group environment. The excitement by both parents and kids alike attest to the joy found in the camp environment.

Epic Music Adventures is the ideal program for Summer Piano Camp. The kids are playing from day one and by the end of the week they have an impressive program to share with their families. Children hang out and make music together while learning to read music, improvise and play from chord charts. This camp prepares young and aspiring pianists for a life-long love of music.

Take a look at this video highlighting our summer camp to get a preview of the fun you will have...

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Nick Evangelista Explains the Benefits of Piano Camp.
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Tuition is $250, and only $195 if enrolled by May 15. (That's over 20% discount!) Places fill up fast because space is very limited, please contact us now to reserve a spot!

And may your spring break and summer be noteworthy!

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