Original Piano Maker(s)

Henry Mason (1831-1890) & Emmons Hamlin (1821-1885)

Date Established


Original Location(s)

Boston, Massachusetts

Notable Dates

  • 1854 — Manufactured Organ Harmonium with Hamlin’s reed voicing (later known as Cabinet Organ).
  • 1867 — Awarded 1st Prize at the Paris Exhibition for their American Cabinet Organ.
  • 1869 — Henry Mason retired as president of the company and his brother Lowell Mason, Jr. (1823-1885) succeeded him.
  • 1881 — Began manufacturing pianos.
  • 1885 — Upon the death of Lowell, Henry Lowell Mason (1864-1957) (Henry’s son) succeeded him.
  • 1906 — Richard W. Gertz became president of the company.
My Dear Sirs, For what a magnificent organ I have to thank your kindness! It is worthy of all praise and admiration! Even average players could attain much success on it.
Letter to Mason & Hamlin from Franz Liszt 1

Innovation(s) / Patent(s)

  • 1856 — Awarded patent for Reed Musical Instrument (expression stop).
  • 1865 — Awarded patent for Improvement in Cabinet-Organs.
  • c. 1900 — Among his patents, including the Duplex Scale, Richard W. Gertz awarded patent for Tension Resonator.

Current Owner(s)

Gary and Kirk Burgett of PianoDisc.
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