Original Piano Maker(s)

Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (1797-1871), and his sons

Date Established


Original Location(s)

New York City, New York

Notable Dates

  • c. 1851/1852 — Steinweg and his children changed their German names to sound more American, and subsequently became Steinway.
  • 1855 — Steinway awarded a gold medal at the New York American Fair for their square piano.
  • 1856 — Steinway began making grand pianos.
  • 1862 — Steinway began making upright pianos.
  • 1866 — Steinway Concert Hall opens on E. 14th Street; the building eventually serves as the company's headquarters.
  • 1867 — Awarded medal at the Paris World’s Fair.
  • c. 1870s — Steinway’s operation moves to Astoria, Long Island, New York.
  • 1925 — Steinway Hall relocates to W. 57th Street until 2014(the new one is currently being built and will be located on the Avenue of the Americas).

Notable Dates (cont.)

  • 1955 — Henry Ziegler Steinway (1915 – 2008), son to Theodore E. and great-grandson of Henry E. Steinway, became president of the company (holding that position until 1977 where he then became chairman until he retired in 1980); he was the last family member to run Steinway & Sons.
  • 1972 — Steinway sold to CBS, Inc.
  • 1985 — CBS, Inc. sold to an American investment group, known as Steinway to Steinway Musical Properties.
  • 1995 — Steinway Musical Properties merged with Conn-Selmer, Inc., renaming the company Steinway Musical instruments.

Innovation(s) / Patent(s)

  • 1859 — Henry Steinway, Jr. (1831-1865) awarded patent for the over-stringing of grand pianos.
  • 1868-1885 — Theodore Steinway earned more than 40 patents; an awarded in 1875 for ‘Improvement in Grand Piano-Forte Action’ is attributed to bringing modern action to the grand piano.

Current Owner(s)

Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc., an American investment group.
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