Piano Brands

Home-grown articles from the depths of pianoland.
Brodmann pianoforte with bench, c. 1815, in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria.

It was within this historical setting that Joseph Brodmann emerged; and as fate would have it, he would advance the instrument.

Partial view of a Pearl River grand piano, awarded for excellence in 2015 & 2016.

Established in 1956, The Pearl River Group set up shop in the city of Guangzhou (pronounced KWAN JOE) and was named after the river on which it sits.

Ritmüller advertisement showcasing their Premium line of grand pianos.

For a company known to be one of the first manufacturers of pianos in Göttingen, Germany, there is a dearth of public records regarding its lineage.

Composite of George Steck Piano Company with the logo, Wagner playing the piano, and their gold medals.

During this time, Steck harnessed every opportunity to study piano manufacturing; his natural talents were well disposed to the instrument, showing an early mechanical genius and expert scale draftsmanship.

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