Sir Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins, photographed by Gordon Correll.
Anthony Hopkins (b. 1937). 1

A Welsh actor and painter. Sir Hopkins composes and plays the piano.

My mother bought a piano for 5 pounds — an old cottage piano — and I started music lessons.  She of course, wanted me to become a concert pianist, and I had different plans.  I just wanted to be a composer […,] hoping to take a scholarship in music.  But I ended up as an acting student, […] …and then I became an actor by default, really. […] ...so I stuck with that for the last 50-odd years.
Anthony Hopkins interviewed by Scott Simon of NPR 2
…life and destiny are very peculiar. I think God — and whatever God is — has a great sense of humor. And here I am, composing at the age of 74…
Anthony Hopkins interviewed by Scott Simon of NPR 3
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