Oliver Sacks, M.D.

Oliver Sacks, photographed by Dan Lurie in 2007.
Oliver Sacks, M.D. (1933 – 2015). 1

A British neurologist and author, who played the piano.

[…] I went to a concert in Carnegie Hall.  The program included Mozart’s great mass in C Minor and, after the interval, his Requiem.  […] I had a notebook on my lap and was writing nonstop throughout the concert […] Ralph [Crick] was curious—what had I been writing about through the entire concert?  Had I been wholly unconscious of the music?  No, I said, I was conscious of the music, and not just as background.  I quoted Nietzsche, who used to write at concerts, too; he loved Bizet and once wrote, 'Bizet makes me a better philosopher.'  I said I felt that Mozart made me a better neurologist […]
Oliver Sacks from his autobiography On The Move 2
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