Fred Rogers

Portrait of Fred Rogers, aka Mister Rogers.
Fred Rogers (1928 – 2003). 1

An American educator, composer, and TV personality known for Mister Rogers; he played piano and organ.

And the music, you know, the music is a huge part of my work.  And that was always my way of saying who I was and how I felt.  In those days, you didn’t speak your feelings as much as express them artistically, you know.  And so I was always able to cry or laugh or say I was angry through the tips of my fingers on the piano.  I would go to the piano even when I was five years old, and start to play how I felt.  And so it was very natural for me to become a composer.  And having written all of the music for 'The Neighborhood,' I feel as if that’s one of my gifts to children.  Here is a way that doesn’t hurt you or anybody else to say who you are and how you feel.  […] But there is something very mystical and wonderful about how music can touch us; you know, it’s elemental.
Fred Rogers Interview by Karen Herman on July 22, 1999 for the Archive of American Television 2
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