What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

Sue and Steve Merrill posing with the 1942 fully restored Ford pickup truck.
Sue & Steve Merrill, Co-Owners of Houston Piano Company.

At Houston Piano Company, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We are acutely aware that our business thrives on positive recognition and recommendations. As such, we treat every customer with utmost respect and professionalism.

Below are a few glowing testaments to our hard-working staff. We consider ourselves lucky to have such outstanding customers, who take the time to write to us and tell us what their piano means to them.

We couldn't be happier!

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1.  Thanks Indeed For The Recital Hall

Letter from Daniel Richardson, thanking Houston Piano Company for its recital hall.
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2.  The Depth Of Knowledge Shared With Us

Dear Houston Piano Company,

Yesterday we came to your store and met both Steve and David. We were so thankful for the time and attention given to us, as well as the depth of knowledge shared with us. It was evident how superior your store was in both customer service and selection, after shopping at other stores and being sorely disappointed. We definitely want to purchase a piano from your store. However, we are not in a hurry to purchase our grand piano (currently we do not have room in our house and the new house will not be ready until November).

Because we have so much time, we decided not to purchase yesterday and wait to see if what we want becomes available. We are looking for an entry level grand piano in matte black (yes, we were warned the matte black is not as durable). Obviously, the appearance is not as important as the quality of sound and material. Yesterday we found a great quality piano for the right price, but it was not matte. Because we have time, we are hoping to get both the look and sound we love.

We have called David to ask that he remember our requests as the inventory changes in the store. However, I wanted to send this email because it was important to us for you to know as a company how impressed we were and how much we desire to do business with you. So please continue to keep us in mind and let us know if something becomes available. Thank you so much!

M Kennedy, April 30, 2015
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3.  St. Ambrose Catholic School

Letter from St. Ambrose Catholic School, thanking Houston Piano Company for its contribution to their auction and gala.
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4.  The Perfect Recommendation For Our Daughters

Dear Houston Piano Company,

I was very pleased with my purchasing experience at Houston Piano Company! On our first visit to look at the inventory, we met with Dave. Dave was extremely thorough with introducing the different pianos to us. He listened to our need and showed us an amazing piano that has inspired all of us to play! He made the perfect recommendation for our daughters who are 8 and 10 and learning beginner Concertos. This piano will certainly grow with them and inspire their practice for many years to come.

Our piano was priced competitively and was delivered in 2 days! Dave also went over basic care with me and is super quick in returning emails if I have any questions. I would certainly recommend Houston Piano Company to anyone who is in the market for a new or high quality used piano. You will feel confident and satisfied that you have purchased the right piano for a great price. We love our Brodmann 187.

L. Wensel
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5.  Thanks For The Recital Hall

Dear Houston Piano Company,

Thanks so much for letting us have our performance with you. You were so wonderful and so helpful in every way. Many many thanks!

A. A. Lao
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6.  Student Thank You Card From Pearland Music Teachers Association

We had over 250 family members and friends log on to our website from all around the world to watch the show on our live streaming channel, HPC-LIVE!

Purple/pink flower thank you card from the students of Pearland Music Teachers' Association.
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7.  Thank You From The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Letter from Cathy Anderson from Make-A-Wish Foundation, thanking Houston Piano Company for its in-kind donation.
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8.  Delivery Was Prompt And Financing Was So Easy

Dear Maggie (Ying),

Happy Holidays to all of you at HPC. I am now the proud owner of the Taylor 5’5″ grand and the envy of my friends.

This instrument has truly enhanced my home and has given me hours of enjoyment.

While building my new home I intentionally reserved sufficient space in the grand entry room for a beautiful grand piano and now I have it.

Thank you for taking the time to show me every piano so I could make an informed decision based on my personal preferences. Delivery was prompt and financing was so easy. Special thanks to Violette for coordinating all the business aspects of the acquisition. Please add me to your mailing list of events and specials that may interest me.

Mark Gurule
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9.  Holy Cow! There’s A Piano In My House!

Holy cow!

There’s a piano in my house! So cool. Willie (the piano mover) was awesome. He even helped move my dining room table to the garage.

Thanks again, Larry. I can’t wait to get going with our new Roland. Thanks so much for all your great customer service. I can’t wait to see my kids’ eyes when they get home from school today.

Thank you so much.

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10.  The Houston Piano Co. Team Stands Out

During the last several months, I have met with the sales and management teams of the three premiere music instrument dealers in Houston.

Although other dealers are good, the Houston Piano Co. team stands out.

As a first-time piano buyer and discriminating shopper, S.A. and his team provided an excellent education and overview of the piano industry, evaluation and selection criteria, and player systems. Before making a final piano selection, I invited a professional pianist to evaluate the Houston Piano products. He confirmed my positive perception of their product quality and value.

My experience with Houston Piano has been exceptional. I am pleased with my grand piano and PianoDisc investment.

S. Francis
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11.  The Gift of Music During The Christmas Season

Dear Steve and Sue,

Greetings in the Precious name of the Lord!

Jireh Bible Church would like to acknowledge your generous offer, providing us the Free use of the grand piano last Saturday (December 10, 2011) in our Christian program. The grand piano definitely made a significant difference in the presentation of the Christmas Cantata and the Solo! During the program, we acknowledged your kindness to all who were present. In addition, the piano enhanced our Worship service yesterday as well.

We want to thank you for arranging to have the piano delivered and retrieved from the church sanctuary on December 9 and December 12 respectively. The delivery folks were very courteous and professional. We deeply appreciate your kindness, and gratefully acknowledge the related actual expenses of $500 (Five Hundred dollars) both to cover the use of the Grand piano, as well as the charges associated with the delivery and pick-up service, as a charitable contribution from the Houston Piano Company to the church for the year 2011.

Steve and Sue, we hope to meet you in person someday when you come and visit us! In the mean time, we pray that the Gracious Lord will bless you, your family, and prosper your business not only during the Christmas season, but throughout the years to come!

Sincerely Yours,

Pastor S. M. Li On Behalf of the Elder Board, Jireh Bible Church
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12.  Important Purchase Based On A Sound Informed Decision

We would like to thank Houston Piano Co. for their attention to every detail/question during the purchase of our new Taylor London baby grand piano. With the help of their salesman, S.A., we were able to make such an important purchase based on a sound informed decision.

Houston Piano Co. certainly reflects an appreciation for their customers by honoring them with good service during and after the sale. Our family would be more than happy to recommend Houston Piano Company for you and yours in the future.

Dee and Kermitt G., Conroe, Texas
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13.  I Really Appreciate It

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for coming by on Saturday to help me out on the piano. I realize this is not the norm, but I really appreciate it.

My boss is interested in a digital – so he may come by some day. Will let you know.

J. King
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14.  Thank You For Your Help In Choosing The Right Piano

Letter with photograph thanking Dave of Houston Piano Company for helping to choose the right piano.
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15.  I’ve Already Told 6 People Today About Your Business!

Mr. Merrill,

I came in your store last Thursday with my friend. I just wanted to thank you for your time in going over the Uprights and Grand Pianos with us. I enjoyed trying out that Yamaha C3, however, I have to say after trying out that Steinway, a couple Bechsteins and a Yamaha C7 (another store), I totally LOVED that Mason & Hamlin new AA/6’4″ you had. They said some people just found a piano that ‘wowed’ them and now I know what they mean.

...I wanted to thank you for the visit today and the passion and care you seem to have for pianos and customer satisfaction. I hope to be one of those customers in the not too distant future. I’ve already told 6 people today about your business!


B. Perkins
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16.  Two Of The Many Highlights


It was really nice that you took the time and effort to educate us on the world of pianos. Finally we found someone who could give us straight and truthful answers to help us understand the complex piano industry.

We were truly amazed at how sincere and honest you were and really appreciated your knowledge. Additionally your enthusiasm as well as your love for your work were undeniably two of the many highlights. There are few people who enjoy their work as much as myself, at least I thought, but today I think I might have found a match.

Again, thank you for everything and we will keep in touch as we sort out which piano we will buy from you.

Thanks again.

P.S.: We will definitely send referrals your way as we think you are the best.

T. and Y. Han
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17.  Thank You For Your Service!


Thank you for your service! We have been greatly blessed. Please feel free to use us as a reference and call on me if we can ever be of service.

B. Uzzell, Unity of Nacogdoches
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18.  Thanks For Your Help

Thanks for your help in choosing a piano for our family. We are really enjoying it.

A. Colgan
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19.  Thank You For The Absence Of High Pressure Sales Tactics

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for your understanding concerning our decision not to pursue the purchase of one of your beautiful pianos. While at this time we are unable to make such a purchase, we intend to come back at a later date and get the quality instrument that we want.

Thank you also for the absence of high pressure sales tactics. We will not hesitate to recommend you and your company.

God Bless,

Rev. J. D. Taylor
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20.  Letter From David Madden

Houston Piano Company,

It is with great pleasure that I compose this letter of commendation to all of your representatives that worked with me, and specifically Scott Anderson. In a world of quick impersonal marketing and sales, it is comforting to experience these old fashioned values.

Courtesy: from the first opening of the front door, I was given a warm, friendly feeling from the smiling friendly receptionist.

Responsiveness: there was never a moment that I felt "set aside." Every call, every question was addressed in a very timely manner.

Informative: every question and more that I would never even think of, was given full explanation and description to help me in my piano selection.

Concern: I was amazed at the genuine concern in my search for that perfect Piano and the workable price range.

Patience: I have minimal piano experience, and Scott gave me every benefit of his years of experience without discounting me as a "window shopper."

In summary, I feel very blessed to have located your fine company, as I am not usually a person to spend travel time, since comparisons seem to confuse me more.

Please feel free to use me at any time for a reference on your company.


David Madden
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21.  Immediately Made Me Feel At Ease

Dear Houston Piano Company,

Thank you so much for making the purchase of our Brodmann piano such a terrific experience. My salesperson, S.A., immediately made me feel at ease. He was incredibly knowledgeable and gracious.

We looked at several pianos, and I never felt like he was pushing me in any way. The entire experience was positive, and I left the store feeling ecstatic about my purchase.

Thank you so much.

L. Johnson
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