Why Roland?

Detail of the LX708 console, European Grand setting.

Who is Roland Corporation?

The Roland Corporation is an industry-leading manufacturer of electronic instruments, including the digital pianos that you will find at Houston Piano Company. Since 1973, Roland has set the standard against which all other digital instrument manufacturers are compared.

What do they offer?

Roland's digital piano offerings fit every need, and every budget, while promising the highest advances in ‘sampling technology’ to immerse the performer in a superior sound experience. From the classically-styled GP Series Grands (first revolutionized in the V-Piano) that ‘fuse tech with tradition,’ to the new LX700 Series digital uprights with elegant cabinet designs, Roland offers a wide range of options suitable for any venue.

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The New LX700 Series Uprights (LX708, LX706 & LX705)

The LX700 Series is the most versatile and technologically advanced upright piano to date. Roland's advanced SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology recreates an acoustic piano's sound, unlike other digital pianos that merely replay an acoustic sound.

Detail angle open of the new Roland LX708.

SuperNATURAL technology takes into account every element of the creation of a piano's sound, resulting in an overtone-rich sound unmatched by any other digital piano. For durability, the LX700s use molded keys with wooden sides, mimicking the feel of an acoustic without the maintenance.

There are three models to meet the taste, style and budget demands of players who have varying degrees of experience: the smaller studio LX705 upright with 4-speaker system and PHA-50 Keyboard; a more powerful LX706 with 6-speaker Acoustic Projection system and Hybrid Grand Keyboard; and the flagship LX708 equipped the Hybrid Grand Keyboard and a larger cabinet for housing its 4-way/8-speaker all-encompassing system.

YouTube Placeholder Image for 0QkkBP07egU
Roland LX708 Digital Piano Performance.

No matter which model chosen, though, each in the series includes the following universal features:

  • Roland’s PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology;
  • Two world-class piano models: European grand and American grand;
  • Immersive and realistic Headphones Acoustic Projection for practicing on headphones;
  • Versatile collection of non-piano sounds such as electric piano, strings, organ, and many others;
  • Smartphone or tablet connectivity via Bluetooth® for practicing piano with audio from apps routed through the piano’s speaker system; and
  • Compatibility with Piano Every Day app.
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The New GP Series Grands (GP609 & GP607)

Enjoy the feel and performance of a traditional grand piano in two styles, the GP609 Grand and the GP607 Mini Grand, while exploring the endless creative possibilities of which the digital realm excels. The graduated feel of the damper pedal and the grand piano style escapement action—which the new PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard provides—further blur the line between acoustic and digital.

Roland's GP609 full grand piano with bench.

Roland's multi-channel SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology imitates acoustic sound production perfectly, even to the smallest detail, replicating the sounds of hammer movement and imitating the receding resonance of struck strings. Each sound is emitted from the appropriate location in the piano, making the built-in 6.1-channel multi-speaker system (six speakers/one woofer) difficult to locate, and creating a spatially appropriate sonic palette.

YouTube Placeholder Image for AU9eIo1doE0
Roland GP609 Digital Grand:

The Grand Piano That Fuses Tech with Tradition.

The Piano Designer App allows the player to tinker with settings not immediately available to an acoustic instrument, like altering the hardness of hammer felts, or even changing the material of the strings. It’s also easy to engage with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth wireless connectivity for music playback and other rich features. And both models are available in two elegant finishes, polished ebony or polished white.

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iOS/Android Apps

Roland's Piano Every Day App for iOS/Android

Piano Every Day

Piano Every Day is an iOS/Android app that makes learning the piano fun, and encourages daily practice. Ideal for those just starting out, or returning players who previously had lessons and wish to play their favorite music. Once installed, the app connects to Sheet Music Direct and over 70,000 music scores, ‘the world’s largest collection of online sheet music,’ where browsing and downloading become a new addiction.

The LX700 series already provides over 300 onboard songs, also accessible by the app. But perhaps the most exciting feature is the ability to record performances and practice sessions, and play them back for review. This as well as many other features will keep even the most dedicated practicer motivated.

Piano Designer

View of the Roland Piano Designer App interface.

Piano Designer allows the player to personalize the sound of his or her instrument, giving access to many parameters inside the piano, just as an experienced technician fine-tunes an acoustic grand or upright. Easily edit the overall sound and granularly adjust the tuning, character and volume of single notes, or choose from ready-to-play settings of custom sounds created by world-class piano technicians.

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