Why Roland?
Roland Grand Theatre - V-Piano
Who is Roland Corporation?

The Roland Corporation is an industry-leading manufacturer of electronic instruments, including the digital pianos that you will find at Houston Piano Company. Since 1973, Roland has set the standard against which all other digital instrument manufacturers are compared.

What do they offer?

Roland's digital piano offerings fit every need, and every budget. From the classically-styled V-Piano Grand, to the space-saving Hpi-50e, Roland offers a wide range of options suitable for any venue.

Grand Pianos
[ V-Piano Grand | RG-3F | RG-1F ]

Originally just the V-Piano, the V-Piano Grand takes the realistic touch and sound of the physically modeled V-Piano and adds the classic beauty of a grand piano cabinet. The graduated feel of the damper pedal and the grand piano style escapement action of the perfectly weighted keys further blur the line between acoustic and digital.

V-Piano - Front On Black

Roland's multi-channel sound technology imitates acoustic sound production perfectly, even to the smallest detail, replicating the sounds of hammer movement and imitating the receding resonance of struck strings. Each sound is emitted from the appropriate location in the piano, making the speakers difficult to locate, and creating a spatially appropriate sonic palette.


Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 (Liszt) Performed by Acclaimed Pianist Miyuji Kaneko on the V-Piano Grand.


The sound designer feature allows the player to tinker with settings not immediately available to an acoustic instrument, like altering the hardness of hammer felts, or even changing the material of the strings.

Premium Upright Pianos
[ LX-17 | LX-7 | HP605 | HP603 ]

The LX-17 is the most versatile and technologically advanced upright piano to date. Roland's advanced SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology recreates an acoustic piano's sound, unlike other digital pianos that merely replay an acoustic sound.

LX-17 Premium Upright Piano

SuperNATURAL technology takes into account every element of the creation of a piano's sound, resulting in an overtone-rich sound unmatched by any other digital piano. For durability, the LX-17 uses molded keys with wooden sides, mimicking the feel of an acoustic without the maintenance.


Roland LX/HP – New Generation Digital Piano.


Enabling bluetooth allows the player to wirelessly connect to their smart devices and utilize popular performance and educational iOS/Android apps, routing the sound through the LX-17's 8 cabinet speakers or headphone jack.

Upright Pianos
[ LX-15e | HPi-50e | HP508 | HP506 | HP504 | RP401R |
DP90Se | DP90e | F-140R | F-130R | F-20 ]


HPi-50e Upright Piano

The HPi-50e represents one of Roland's most powerful practice tools. DigiScore is integrated on a high-resolution display built into the music stand, allowing the player to read digital sheet music and play skill-building exercises and games directly from the display.

Like the larger V-Piano Grand and LX-17, the HPi-50e features SuperNATURAL technology, but in a much more compact case, making it the perfect piano for students. Piano Designer and Individual Note Voicing are two features that allow unlimited sound customization, letting the player adjust the instrument to fit the room.

DigiScore LCD Screen

Additionally, powerful onboard DigiScore features are displayed in high-resolution on the large color LCD that’s built into the music rest, with digital sheet music and a wide range of skill-building exercises and games that make learning and playing fun for all ages.


Roland HPi-50 – Digital Piano Overview w/DigiScore.

[ Piano Partner | Piano Designer | Air Recorder ]
Piano Partner iPad App

Piano Partner is an iPad only app that makes learning the piano fun. The three applications included are Flash Card, Content Browser, and DigiScore Lite. Flash Card is a musical game that tests a players ability to read and play notes. Content Browser allows the player to access built-in songs via the iPad, as well as play them wirelessly. DigiScore Lite displays the built-in songs as digital sheet music and is only compatible with select models not already loaded with DigiScore.


Roland Piano Partner – iPad App Overview.


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