No Two Are Quite Alike
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So often we hear this question take on a familiar form, with little variation:

What is the best piano to buy?

Although, there is certainly much to consider, the prospective owner should rest assured that the answer is really rather simple:

The best piano is the piano that best suits your needs.

You might say now, "Well, how do I know what I need?" Okay, fair enough. The onus is not entirely on you. We can help, as long as you help us. Just have faith in what you feel is important and we'll spend the time with you to seek those qualities out.

A Unique Bond

It may sound strange but there develops a unique bond between the player and the piano, strengthened by the relationship one has with the instrument over time. Pianos possess distinct personalities and varied pedigrees, just like their prospective owners. And no two are quite alike.

For the beginner, for instance, who has yet to discover the nuances of performance, a Steinway grand piano will certainly provide an abundant range of expression unparalleled but will be well beyond the level of its student. Will this information determine the style and type of piano you buy? Absolutely. Just as measuring the degree of dedication one sees in a child will influence how long one wishes to make payments on a particular instrument, thus making rental a viable option for those whose devotion is yet to be determined.

Remember, there is no perfect piano. There's only the perfect piano for you. One that satisfies your aesthetic requirements while also retaining what is practical.

Where To Begin?
The Ribs Of A George Steck

We hope you spend some time on our site getting to know the piano and its rich history. Here are a few places to start.

For the differences between grands and verticals, learn more about acoustics and the styles and types of each.

For information on specific brands, enjoy our new piano tours: each chronicles the instrument and its maker from inception to the modern day interpretation.

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When You're Ready...

Let our experience guide you in side-by-side comparisons at the store. Don't be shy? Play as many piano brands and for as long as you like. Or have one of our team members play for you.

We love to share our passion for music.

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