Let’s Find The Right Note

Did you land here from a search engine?

If so, great. You've found the right place, if not the right page. We do our best to keep track of broken links but sometimes we find ourselves in the wrong time signature.

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You're interested in pianos, right?

So are we! In fact, our interests are pretty broad. As our in-house acoustic and digital specialist, Dave Smith, says, "we remain the only piano store not beholden to a 'Single' brand."

Pianos are like people, and they have a personality. When you sit down to play music, we certainly do want you to get along.

For a side-by-side comparison of brands, visit our New & Used Pianos.

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Do you still feel a little off-key? Here are some helpful topics.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

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We know it's 2019 but you can still inquire by form.

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Or Drop By The Store

Houston Piano Company
1600 W. 13th St.
Houston, TX 77008
Store Hours : Mon-Sat 10AM to 6PM and Sunday 1PM to 5PM

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