History Of The Piano

Tracing the roots of the piano to the very beginning of consciousness, when man first became aware of sound.

1000, Clavier
Early 1100s, Hurdy-Gurdy

Early 1100s, Dulcimer

Carved image of dulcimer for Queen Melisende, c.1139.
Detail of The Queen Melisende Psalter, c.1139. 1

As with many early representations of instruments, the dulcimer may be first seen in The Queen Melisende Psalter, c.1139, a “12th century carved ivory book-cover made in Byzantium for Melisende, the wife of Fulk V of Anjou, King of Jerusalem.” [ 2 ] There is some doubt regarding the claim, as no mention of the instrument is recorded for another 300 years.

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Dulcimers in the Heartland. 3
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Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' performed on a Dulcimer. 4

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