History Of The Piano

Tracing the roots of the piano to the very beginning of consciousness, when man first became aware of sound.

1925, Peterson
1927, Kawai

1926, Goss

Louise Goss (1926 – 2014): American Piano Pedagogue

  • Studied piano and clarinet.
  • Educated under Frances Clark (who established the first piano pedagogue program in the United States) as the first class at Kalamazoo College, receiving a B.A with three majors—music, philosophy, and English.
  • Along with Frances Clark, Goss was director of the piano and piano pedagogy program at Westminster Choir College in New Jersey.
  • In 1960, collaborated with Frances Clark to create The New School for Music Study in Princeton.
  • Writer and editor of the Frances Clark Library for Piano Students and The Music Tree piano method series.
  • First woman on the faculty of music literature at the University of Michigan.
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Louise Goss Teaches a Group Lesson (Parents' Class), 1985. 1

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