History Of The Piano

Tracing the roots of the piano to the very beginning of consciousness, when man first became aware of sound.

1920, Simon
1924, Pace

1923, Duckworth

Book cover of Guy Duckworth's 'Keyboard Discoverer Book II' from 1963.
Guy Duckworth's Keyboard Discoverer Book II, 1963. 1

Guy Duckworth (1923 – 2015): American Pianist, Pedagogue

  • Played violin at age 4 ½, began the piano at 7.
  • Piano soloist for MGM Studios and Columbia Artists, as well as various radio stations in Los Angeles.
  • Received his BA from UCLA in 1951, his Masters in Music from Columbia University in 1953, and his Doctorate in Philosophy from Columbia University in 1969.
  • Pioneer of group piano pedagogy. “A student in a group of peers is more likely to express his views and differ with the teacher than a student alone with a teacher. His individuality is more obvious with his peers. He’s more natural. In private teaching a student is less venturesome. He picks up patterns from adults. […] There are more chances for individuality when there are no hard fast rights and wrongs.” – Guy Duckworth [ 2 ]
  • Created the doctoral program Piano Performance Literature and Pedagogy: Process of Group Environments at The University of Colorado, Boulder. “I believe the healthiest environment for learning is when enlightened teachers encourage students to teach students.” – Guy Duckworth [ 3 ]
  • Considered among one of four pedagogues (among Richard Chronister, Frances Clark, and Robert Pace) who changed piano pedagogy in the 20th century.

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