Piano Makers Brands

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1956, Pearl River

Company logo for Pearl River pianos.
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Pearl River piano company first established as the Guangzhou Piano Factory by the Chinese Government.

1959, Rhodes

Harold B. Rhodes, inventor of the Fender Rhodes piano.
Harold B. Rhodes, Inventor of the Fender Rhodes Piano. 1

Harold Rhodes (1910 – 2000) with the colloboration of Leo Fender (1909 – 1991) invented the electric “piano bass.“

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1959, Kimball Jasper

The Kimball Company purchased by Jasper Corporation.

1961, Érard

Érard, Gaveau, and Pleyel merge.

1965, Rhodes Suitcase 73

The Fender Rhodes electric piano introduced, Suitcase 73.

YouTube Placeholder Image for SRMCjgNnGIM
The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano. 1

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1969, Baldwin Hitch Pin

Schematic of Baldwin's patent for its hitch pin design.
Baldwin's Patent #3478635, 1969. 1

Patent awarded Baldwin for its Acu-JustTM Hitch Pin design, improving tonal resonance.

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1971, Schimmel

Schimmel acquires Érard, Gaveau, and Pleyel.

1972, Roland

Roland, since 1972.
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Roland Corporation established by Ikutaro Kakehashi (b. 1930), in Japan.

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1973, Roland Electronic Piano

First all-electronic combo piano (EP-10) produced by Roland.

1974, Kimball International

The Jasper Corporation changed to Kimball International.

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