History Of The Piano

Tracing the roots of the piano to the very beginning of consciousness, when man first became aware of sound.

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1972, Roland

Roland, since 1972.
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Roland Corporation established by Ikutaro Kakehashi (b. 1930), in Japan.

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1973, Roland Electronic Piano

First all-electronic combo piano (EP-10) produced by Roland.

1974, Kimball International

The Jasper Corporation changed to Kimball International.

1974, Roland EP 30

Roland EP-30 produced, the world’s first electronic piano with touch-sensitive keyboard.

1975, Roland Digital

Roland's HPi-50e digital piano.
The HPi-50e in the HP-Series. 1

Production of the first digital pianos for home use, Roland’s early HP series.

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1975, Kern

Olga Kern (b. 1975): Russian Classical Pianist (Winner: Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition & 2001 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition)

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Mini-Documentary: Olga Kern at the 2001 Cliburn Piano Competition. 1

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1980, Roland

Further developments in Roland's HP Series pianos throughout the 1980s.

1982, Falcone

Company logo for Falcone pianos.
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Falcone Piano Company established by Sicilian born American Santi Falcone (b. 1945) in Massachusetts.

1983, Roland MIDI

Roland’s HP-300 and HP-400 released, the first digital pianos with MIDI.

1987, Falcone Patent

Schematic for Santi Falcone's patent for soundboard calibrator, granted in 1987.
Santi Falcone’s Patent #4,640,174, 1987. 1

Santi Falcone’s patent granted for a “soundboard calibrator,” a tuning device that permits the crown of the soundboard to be adjusted for optimum quality.

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