History Of The Piano

Tracing the roots of the piano to the very beginning of consciousness, when man first became aware of sound.


1920, Simon

Abbey Henry Simon (1920 – 2019): American Concert Pianist and Teacher

  • Taught by Josef Hofmann at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.
  • 1940 won the Naumberg International Piano Competition.
  • Performed in Carnegie Hall and toured throughout Europe and South America.
  • Has been called a 'a pianist's pianist,' and super-virtuoso.
  • Additional awards: Federation of Music Clubs, National Orchestral Association, Ford Foundation, Harriet Cohen Medal, and Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge.
  • Jurist: Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Geneva International Music Competition, Leeds International Piano Competition, Clara Haskil International Piano Competition, Sydney International Piano Competition, and South Africa International Piano Competition.
  • Taught at Juilliard, Indiana University, and University of Houston; he holds a Cullen Distinguished Professorship at the University of Houston’s Moores School of Music.
  • 1984 Founded the International Piano Festival at the University of Houston.
  • He is a featured Yamaha Artist.
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A Conversation With Abbey Simon. 1

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1923, Duckworth

Book cover of Guy Duckworth's 'Keyboard Discoverer Book II' from 1963.
Guy Duckworth's Keyboard Discoverer Book II, 1963. 1

Guy Duckworth (1923 – 2015): American Pianist, Pedagogue

  • Played violin at age 4 ½, began the piano at 7.
  • Piano soloist for MGM Studios and Columbia Artists, as well as various radio stations in Los Angeles.
  • Received his BA from UCLA in 1951, his Masters in Music from Columbia University in 1953, and his Doctorate in Philosophy from Columbia University in 1969.
  • Pioneer of group piano pedagogy. “A student in a group of peers is more likely to express his views and differ with the teacher than a student alone with a teacher. His individuality is more obvious with his peers. He’s more natural. In private teaching a student is less venturesome. He picks up patterns from adults. […] There are more chances for individuality when there are no hard fast rights and wrongs.” – Guy Duckworth [ 2 ]
  • Created the doctoral program Piano Performance Literature and Pedagogy: Process of Group Environments at The University of Colorado, Boulder. “I believe the healthiest environment for learning is when enlightened teachers encourage students to teach students.” – Guy Duckworth [ 3 ]
  • Considered among one of four pedagogues (among Richard Chronister, Frances Clark, and Robert Pace) who changed piano pedagogy in the 20th century.

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1924, Pace

Book cover from Robert Pace's 'The New Kinder-Keyboard' from 1988.
Robert Pace's The New Kinder Keyboard, 1988. 1

Robert Pace (b. 1924 – 2010): American Pianist, Composer, Music Theorist, Pedagogue

  • Began playing the piano at age 5. At age 9, along with his sister (who played the violin), performed on radio concerts. He also played the trombone.
  • As a scholarship student at Juilliard School of Music, under the tutelage of Joseph and Rosina Lhévinne, received a BS.
  • In 1948, started his Masters and received his Doctorate from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in 1951. (Received an honorary doctorate from Westminister Choir College in 2003.)
  • Taught at Julliard and then Teachers College, becoming head of piano in 1952 and Chairman of the music department in 1969.
  • National piano chair for the Music Educators National Conference (1953 – 1956).
  • Editor of Music Journal (1959 – 1962).
  • Appointed by JFK in 1962 to a small panel to study the standing of music and music education is in the United States.
  • Served as Director of the National Piano Foundation from 1963 – 1977; at which time he became executive director of the International Piano Teaching Foundation.
  • Developed “peer-teaching,” “Comprehensive Musicianship,” as well as the “Pace Method” curriculum. “The philosophy of the Pace Approach is to develop, from the beginning, a real musical independence. [Students] in the Pace Approach learn to teach themselves, since in reality they must be their own teachers 6/7ths of the time during their practice between lessons. The ability to sight-read, [improvise] and create one’s own music [is essential]. [To play] in any key with a good and responsive technique [will] enable the learner to get the right note at the right time with the right intensity.” – Robert Pace [ 2 ]
  • His wife, Helen Crabtree, a vocalist, pianist and graduate from Juilliard, collaborated with him on many publications and recordings.

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1924, Powell

Bud Powell (1924 – 1966): American Jazz Pianist, Composer (Bebop Jazz)

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Bud Powell Performs at Café Montmatre, Copenhagen, 1962. 1

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1925, Peterson

Oscar Peterson performing in Munich Germany, 1977, photographed by Hans Bernhard.
Oscar Peterson at the Piano, Munich 
by Hans Bernhard, 1977. 1

Oscar Peterson (1925 – 2007): Canadian Jazz Pianist, Composer (Swing Jazz)

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1926, Goss

Louise Goss (1926 – 2014): American Piano Pedagogue

  • Studied piano and clarinet.
  • Educated under Frances Clark (who established the first piano pedagogue program in the United States) as the first class at Kalamazoo College, receiving a B.A with three majors—music, philosophy, and English.
  • Along with Frances Clark, Goss was director of the piano and piano pedagogy program at Westminster Choir College in New Jersey.
  • In 1960, collaborated with Frances Clark to create The New School for Music Study in Princeton.
  • Writer and editor of the Frances Clark Library for Piano Students and The Music Tree piano method series.
  • First woman on the faculty of music literature at the University of Michigan.
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Louise Goss Teaches a Group Lesson (Parents' Class), 1985. 1

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1927, Kawai

Company logo on the fallboard for Kawai Pianos.
View the stats on pre-owned Kawai.

Kawai piano company established by Koichi Kawai (1886 – 1955) in Hamamatsu, Japan.

1927, Milburn

Amos Milburn (1927 – 1980): American Rhythm and Blues Pianist, Singer

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Amos Milburn Performs 'Down The Road A Piece.' 1

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1928, Köhler

Karl-Heinz Köhler (b. 1928): German Musicologist, Librarian

  • Studied violin.
  • Studied Musicology at Weimar Musikhochschule and Jena University, where he received his doctorate in 1956 writing his dissertation on J.S. Bach.
  • Among the many positions he held, Köhler was the director of the music department at Deutsche Staatsbibliothek (1955 – 1979), lecturer at Humboldt University (1965), and president of the East German section of AML (1971) for which he eventually became vice-president (1977 – 1980).
  • Written over 188 works comprising 520 publications translated into 5 languages.
  • “Köhler's research and editorial work is concerned with performance, musicology and librarianship. [He] has concentrated on Mozart, J.S. Bach and early works by Mendelssohn and is co-editor of Beethoven's writings, [contributing] to the development of music librarianship and source material information systems.” [ 1 ]

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1929, Evans

Bill Evans performing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, 1978, photographed by Brian McMillen.
Bill Evans Performing, 1978. 1

Bill Evans (1929 – 1980): American Jazz Pianist, Composer – 20th Century Period (Post-Bebop Jazz)

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