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Photo of John Lennon's Steinway Model Z taken at the Goss-Michael Foundation in May, 2019.

Purchased by John Lennon in December 1970 for £1,000 from Steinway & Sons in London, the Hamburg-built chestnut Model Z upright served as both a personal and studio instrument while recording the musician’s first solo albums.

Extreme close-up of the restored front grill chrome logo for the 1942 Ford pickup truck.

Like our lovingly restored pre-owned Steinway pianos, we put the same care into bringing back a 1942 Ford pickup truck to its full melodious glory.

Banknote 100 Deutsche Mark with famed German pianist Clara Schumann.

From a modern perspective, it is easy to typecast German pianist, composer and teacher, Clara Josephine Schumann, nee Wieck (1819 - 1896), as the protofeminist archetype for a contemporary woman.

Parlor Grand Model A Steinway Piano incorporating design components hand-selected by Jony Ive and Marc Newson.

Unlike other public sales included in the category of most expensive pianos, Sotheby’s (RED) Auction was organized solely for charity and involved an interdisciplinary, collaborative spirit based on the concept of ‘ethical consumerism.’

The breathtaking glasswork of Kuhn merged with the history of Bösendorfer.

The legend and artistry of Austrian born Ignaz Bösendorfer (1794 – 1859), apprentice to the premier piano maker Joseph Brodmann (1771 – 1848), and the contemporary artist Jon Kuhn (b. 1949) collaborate in the creation of the Kuhn Bösendorfer grand piano.

The white baby grand piano owned by Marilyn Monroe.

The backstory of this white lacquered piano produced in the early part of the 20th century (original manufacturer unknown) is recounted in Marilyn Monroe’s posthumously published autobiography.

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