The Restoration Of A '42 Opus

Extreme close-up of the restored front grill chrome logo for the 1942 Ford pickup truck.

Like our lovingly restored pre-owned Steinway pianos, we put the same care into bringing back a 1942 Ford pickup truck to its full melodious glory.

Initially desiring a 1943 Ford to align with the 70-year anniversary of Houston Piano Company, we had to make a minor calibration to the plan: there was no 1943 commercial Ford pickup created. Production had halted in February of 1942 when WWII took precedence, re-tuning many manufacturing factories for the needs of supplying materials for the war effort.

As a result, finding a rare 1942 model—which had only been manufactured for a few months in the fall of 1941—would prove quite challenging, requiring metronomical precision. But with persistence came opportunity, and a classic beauty rusting in a farm field in Kansas magically appeared. From there, the tempo of the restoration commenced at a steady pitch.

Found in Kansas, this 1942 Ford pickup truck was asking to be restored.
On the Road to Recovery.
This 1942 Ford pickup truck was fully restored to celebrate Houston Piano Company's anniversary.
The Restored Opus.
Just as a wonderful vehicle seemed lost to the past and has now been prepared to hand down to new generations, we at Houston Piano Company are preparing for the preservation of our company's historic legacy, interwoven with all the best that Houston has to offer.
Steve Merrill, co-owner HPC from Houston Chronicle 1

Although technically not the precise year, we believe that preserving the history of our musical past is symbolically exemplified by the shining rehabilitation of our fire-engine red pickup truck. For more of the restoration process, see our Ford Gallery.

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