Fazioli Brunei ($400,000)

Overhead view of the Dutch Rondone Quartet playing on four Fazioli Grand Pianos.
The Dutch Rondane Quartet plays four Fazioli pianos. 1

Founded by Italian Paolo Fazioli (b. 1944) in the late 1970’s as the Fazioli Piano Factory. Fazioli studied mechanical engineering as well as piano, receiving degrees in 1969 and 1971 respectively. For a short time he worked in the family furniture business but ventured off on his own to follow his dream of designing his own distinctive pianos.

He spent some time researching and studying piano construction, combining both traditional and modern techniques. By 1981, after completing several prototypes, he incorporated his company while adhering to the philosophy of producing "grand and concert grand pianos exclusively aiming for the highest quality with no concern for large production."

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Fazioli Promo: Inside a Dream. 2

It was not his aim:

to imitate any other existing pianos, but rather to create an original sound; to individually handcraft each piano using time-honored traditional methods combined with the latest technological advances; to strive constantly to improve product quality by using cutting-edge technology.
from Fazioli's Company History 3
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Piano Duet with Biondi & Brunialti: Performing Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue.' 4

Fazioli currently produces 120 – 130 pianos a year.

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