Fun Piano Facts

Short anecdotes, stories, and random trivia regarding all things piano.

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Bench Sculpture of Glenn Gould in Toronto, Ontario

Musical anecdotes, full of lore, myth, and superstition. Some are true, others apocryphal. Memorable and concise. Like short, simple songs.

Hands of classical pianist Artur Rubenstein.

Renowned for their respective professions, inventions, innovations, personalities, and artistry, this distinguished group shares a common affection and musical aptitude for playing the piano.

Detail of C. Bechstein Art Poster by Bruno Bielefeld, c. 1920

From handmade masterpieces to the indulgently adorned. Antique or newly minted. In fine tune or short a few keys. The staggering amounts paid are their common bond.

Life mask of composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Weird and outlandish, mysterious and eccentric. Often even, the morbid or grotesque. The piano has long enchanted some of the most unusual of devotees, and been the subject of much obsession.

Side angle of Elvis Presley's white Knabe grand piano.

White, the color of purity and wholeness, or gaudy fad. No other color of piano conjures up such grand associations. One thing's for sure—it's darn difficult to clean.

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