Steve Allen

Press photograph of Steve Allen in 1977.
Steve Allen (1921 – 2000). 1

An American TV personality, composer, actor, writer and comedian, Allen played the piano.

Since my youth I have enjoyed playing occasional practical jokes…  Two of the wildest involved albums of jazz piano music I recorded under fictitious names: Buck Hammer was supposedly a shy, black boogie-woogie pioneer whose album was released posthumously, and Mary Anne Jackson was, according to the liner notes, a black pianist and composer who performed with 'bold authority,' mainly in Europe.  […] I not only did the piano playing on both albums but wrote the liner notes, in the deliberately stuffy, overly analytical style of some critics.
Steve Allen from Make 'Em Laugh 2
'Hammer’s death was a tragic loss to the world of jazz,' wrote a New York Herald Tribune critic.  The experts, Allen later observed, liked his playing much better when they thought he was black and dead rather than white and alive.
Martin Gardner, forward to Steve Allen’s Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality 3
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