Louis Braille

Bust of Louis Braille.
Louis Braille (1809 – 1852). 1

A French educator (blind in both eyes) who invented the Braille System of reading and writing for the visually impaired. He played the piano, organ and cello.

Louis discovered that he was naturally gifted in music.  He learned to play the piano and organ by ear.  He would practice for hours, bent intently over the keyboard, swaying with the music, aware of nothing but the notes dancing around him, piercing his darkness.  In this world, there was no stumbling, no hesitation, no groping with his cane.  When the music flowed forth from beneath his fingers, he could sail off on voyages across the boundless ocean of life, unhampered by his blindness.
Russell Freedman from Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille 2
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