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Oscar Levant from the trailer 'Rhapsody in Blue' from 1945.
Oscar Levant from the trailer 'Rhapsody in Blue.' 1

Famous for playing Gershwin’s music and considered one of the leading interpreters of his work, Oscar Levant (1906 -1972)—an American pianist, composer, author, provocateur, and actor—portrayed himself in the fictionalized biopic about George Gershwin in the 1945 movie Rhapsody in Blue.

In the movie, it is Levant playing the piano solos for the titular music and Concerto in F. Of the film, Levant once quipped: "Even the lies about Gershwin were being distorted." [ 2 ]

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Oscar Levant Performs Concerto in F from 'Rhapsody In Blue.' 3
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