Itty Bitty Piano Ditties

Bench Sculpture of Glenn Gould in Toronto, Ontario
Glenn Gould In Bronze, Toronto. 1
Musical anecdotes, full of lore, myth, and superstition. Some are true, others apocryphal. Memorable and concise. Like short, simple songs.
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Sonya Belousova performs a <i>Star wars</i> medley on a piano.

The Ultimate Star Wars Medley on Piano.

Still from a video on Chichi, The Rocking Piano.

An old, immobile standard baby grand, originally manufactured in the early 1900’s and belonging to the Ambassador of Hong Kong, caught the eye of the musician and designer Sarah Davenport, who saw an opportunity to re-imagine the piano.

Satirical cartoon of Mao Tse-Tung.

Mao Tse-Tung (1893 – 1976), founding father of the People's Republic of China, concerned by the influence of western culture, forbade western music, eschewing classical music for traditional Chinese music—banning the piano altogether in what was called 'The Cultural Revolution.'

Oscar Levant from the trailer 'Rhapsody in Blue' from 1945.

Famous for playing Gershwin’s music and considered one of the leading interpreters of his work, Oscar Levant (1906 -1972), portrayed himself in the fictionalized biopic about George Gershwin in the 1945 movie Rhapsody in Blue.

Close-up of a Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowl.

Intuition, it would seem, should be enough to dispel any doubts as to the remedial affects of music upon the soul. Since the beginning of time, even before the development of instruments, man saw himself in accordance with the Music of the Spheres.

This musical score for 'Vexations' by Erik Satie, only has 180-notes.

Vexations was written in 1893 by French composer/pianist Erik Satie (1866 – 1925). It is considered the longest piece of music (certified by the Guinness Book of World Records), but only contains ½ page of sheet music, or 180-notes.

Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright, photographed by Al Ravenna in 1954.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 – 1959), the famous American architect, was known for controlling every aspect of a project—from the plan of the building to the design, choice and schematic of furniture, right down to every bit of material used.

Southern view of the bellows for John Cage’s  Organ²/ASLSP</a> in the St. Burchardi Church, Halberstadt, Germany.

John Cage’s piece Organ²/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible), adapted from his original piano composition in 1985 for the organ in 1987, is currently the longest performance piece ever attempted.

Multiple views of the Hydra piano, inspired by Lady Gaga, designed by Apostol Tnokovski.

In 2010, Apostol Tnokovski (b. 1982), a Macedonian product designer—known for his futuristic work and sea world metaphors—designed the Hydra Piano, drawing his inspiration from watching a performance by Lady Gaga.

Portrait of Queen Victoria, painted by Alexander Bassano in 1887.

There is a folk story that Victorian England in the early part of the 19th century exhibited its modesty to such an extreme proportion that they covered their piano legs to prevent any salacious thoughts.

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