Hedy And Antheil

Diptych of composer George Antheil and actress Hedy Lamarr.
George Antheil and Hedy Lamarr. 1, 2

The famous Austrian actress Hedy Lamarr (1914 – 2000), known for her extraordinary beauty, and American avant-garde composer George Antheil (1900 – 1959), famous for the composition Ballet Mécanique, were awarded U.S. Patent # 2292387 A in 1942, “Secret Communication System,” commonly known now as spread-spectrum communication technology.

Shortly after meeting, Lamarr and Antheil discussed their mutual concerns for the allies during WWII with protecting radio-controlled torpedoes from interference. That conversation was the wellspring for the idea of frequency hopping.

Their joint invention used a mechanism similar to piano player rolls to synchronize the changes between the 88 frequencies—not coincidentally, this is also the standard number of piano keys—and called for a high-altitude observation plane to steer a radio-controlled torpedo from above. 3
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