Do you have a used piano to sell?

We have been getting a lot of inquiries from people asking whether or not we buy used pianos, and we want everyone to know…


We absolutely buy used pianos!

We are always interested in taking a look at your piano to see if we can make you an offer. For your convenience, send an email to steve@houstonpianocompany.com and attach pictures of both the inside and outside of the piano. We will be in touch shortly with your free appraisal!

We Buy Used Pianos
How Much is My Piano Worth


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    armando ornelas



    MOD. ROLAAD KR-115M $

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    Robin Charlesworth

    I have a used Young Change baby grand to sell.

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    I have an old Yamaha Clavinova CVP-25 in great condition that I’d like to sell.

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    Hello, I would like to sell a Casio Privia Px-130, bought less than three months ago (still under warranty), in great conditions, basically new – due to a change of job that will take me back to Europe. Leave a reply if interested.

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    I would like to sell my Whitney Kimball upright piano with bench.
    How would I go about selling it?

    • HoustonPianoCo

      Cyndy, we received your message and someone should have contacted you. Please let me know if you have not heard from somebody by today! Email Richard [at] HoustonPianoCompany [dot] com

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    I have a Adam Schaaf 1893 upright piano that was restored once around 1980 ? It plays and sounds excellent. I am moving and considering selling it or possibly having it reconditioned. Please contact me asap. 832-893-9045

    • HoustonPianoCo

      Adam, sounds like a fine piano! Someone should be in touch with you shortly. If you are not contacted by this afternoon, please email me and let me know.

      Richard [at] HoustonPianoCompany {dot} com

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    Hi, I am looking to upgrade to a 6′ grand from a Wurlitzer spinet and a Yamaha console. I’m not as interested in a piece of furniture as I am a good sound. So a piano can be “loved on” to a certain degree and I won’t mind. Assuming you don’t have any Bechsteins for around 5k, do you have any models that might fit the bill?

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    F. Buck

    Hello, I have a 2005 Walnut Kawai Grand 5/5 that I am interested in selling as I am inheriting a Steinway. I paid $20,000 for this piano in 2005. I am a pianist and have kept it in excellent shape. I have spoken to another large Houston music store who is interested in my consigning the piano. I am moving to the Houston area on Friday June 1 and was thinking of having the piano delivered to that store. This morning I thought I should investigate other options and I found this website. Do you do consignments? Ft. Bend music center said they would guarantee me $11,000 for the piano on consignment. I also was trying to decide if I should sell it as a private owner from my home. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I have a piano that was purchased in or about 1969 It is in poor condition Would you be interested?

    • HoustonPianoCo

      Kathy, thanks for inquiring! I have forwarded your info and you should be contacted shortly. You will probably need to provide pictures and some more information about the make and model.

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    Justin Galloway

    My Grandmother bought a Wurlitzer Spinet Piano around 1952, it’s been in our families east Houston home ever since then. She passed away 2 years ago and now we are selling the home and the piano is still in it. I rather see the piano restored and used than sold with home and trashed or used as firewood. Would you be willing to take it? I can get pictures and SN info this weekend if you like.

    • HoustonPianoCo

      Hi Justin,

      Our piano appraiser will be in touch with you shortly. If you can send pictures and the serial number soon, please email them to steve@houstonpianocompany.com. We are glad to hear that you would like for the piano to be used rather than thrown away, and we are looking forward to helping you out.

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    Bart Henson

    I have a 1903 Chickering baby grand I’d like to sell. Can you have someone contact me?

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    James Jones

    I have a fine Wurlitzer upright that has been in my family 3 generations. It is a early 70′s model. I am looking to sell, let me know what i need to do to get it appraised, ect.

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    I have a Yamaha baby grand, black lacquer finish, to sell. It is a model GH-1B and very lightly played.
    It is almost new although 18-20 years old. Are you

    • HoustonPianoCo

      Hi Anne, Thanks for your inquiry. Your information has been forwarded to our appraiser, Steve Merrill, who will contact you regarding your piano. Thank you!

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    I have chas m stieff Baltimore piano its says established 1842 contact me for more info

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    Edie Jones

    I have a piano to sell that is from the Grand Piano Company. I believe it was Purchased by my dad in the late 1960′s or early 1970′s. I don’t know how to find out how old it is, but I have pictures that I could send to you and the numbers that are printed and engraved inside the piano. I can send these to you if you tell me where to send them. Can you give me an idea of how much the piano would sell for?

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    I would like to sell an antique piano that I played thirty years ago. The case is a beautiful burled maple.

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    I have a 1920-1930 Lerner baby grand that I am looking to sell. We purchased it from a woman who was moving and could not take it with her. We have a Baldwin upright that my daughter prefers to play on.

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    1984 kimball baby grand piano please contact me for any other specifics model number – 5883
    serial number – D35605

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    I have a beautiful mid-1800′s C.A Gerald upright I would like to sell. It was restored in 1998 and still looks and plays great. Any ideal where I would start?

    Brenda Beggerly

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    I have a Geyer Piano and i want to sell it

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    Ofelia Adame

    I have a used 73 key Wurlitzer upright piano that I would like to sell.

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    I have a hobart m cable upright piano i would like to sell. I believe its from 1913.

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    Cindy Folsom

    I have a 1953 Apollo Baby Grand piano that was a wedding gift for my parents. They are deceased and I have no room for it. would anyone want to buy it? It is in fair condition.

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