Piano Tuning: How To Tune A Grand Piano

For music enthusiasts, a piano is truly a joyful noise. It does not take long, however, for a piano’s sound to seem “off”. Regular piano tuning is required for your grand piano on a routine basis and should be completed by a professional who will make sure that you receive the highest musical quality from your instrument. So how often should piano tuning occur? This answer can vary based both on your personal preferences and the conditions your instrument is exposed to.

Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning in Ordinary Conditions

Under ordinary conditions, your piano will not be exposed to any major climatic fluctuations. Even so, your piano should be tuned at least two times per year. Your instrument’s structural components are exposed to constant pressure and tension causing it to continuously be going out of tune. While you may not notice any variation in pitch for some time, without semi-annual tuning from a piano tuning professional, your piano will start to sound very unpleasant. To simplify your tuning schedule, consider working with a professional piano tuner at each time change.

Piano Tuning in Fluctuating Climates

When your grand piano is exposed to climate changes and various season, it may require extra attention and a more frequent piano tuning schedule. Because the sharp fluctuations between high and low humidity or air pressure is occurring constantly, your piano’s integrity and sound will be affected. In addition to having your piano professionally tuned at least twice a year, you may decide that based upon your personal preferences you would like to have it tuned more regularly.

There are also steps that you can take to help protect your piano from exposure to the elements. Placing your piano near a wall and away from doors or windows will help to lessen the severity of the elements. Other simple ways to help maintain your piano’s integrity are to keep your instrument away from fireplaces and direct sunlight.

Other Times for Piano Tuning

If you, like other musicians, are extremely sensitive to “out of tuneness”, you may choose to have your piano tuned on a weekly or quarterly basis. There is no possibility of “over tuning” your piano, and piano tuning should occur as frequently as you like. In fact, concert pianos are actually tuned prior to every performance. Because of this, if you are planning to play for a special function, you may consider having your piano tuned professionally first. Lastly, if your piano has been recently moved to a new location, you should have it tuned.

Professional Tuninggrand piano

In order to make sure that your piano is in the best of hands throughout the tuning process, you should definitely work with only a professional piano tuner who has a lot of experience working with grand pianos. Your instrument is not only a high value item, but it is also a part of your life and your individual culture. There is no one who will understand your passion and needs more than someone who is very familiar with musical instruments and who values them as much as you do. Hiring someone off of Craigslist is extremely dangerous and is also risky to your piano. it is crucial that you only utilize the best of the best services when it comes to taking care of such a priceless item. You will enjoy the benefits of a finely tuned piano that will provide you with the optimum in sound quality, while taking comfort in the fact that your piano is in good, capable, and caring hands.

Your piano deserves the best treatment and tuning possible and so do you. Take care of yourself and your instrument by working with professionals to ensure longevity and quality performances. You will find that you will be able to get the most out of your grand piano by having it tuned on a regular basis. What piano tuning schedule will you set for yourself?

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