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Fazioli F308

Sometimes, it’s fun to just dream about what could be…

After all, even if you are in the market for a high-end piano, you probably can’t justify spending seven figures on a piano. (If you do, give us a call!) Piano prices start low, with cost-conscious consumers in mind, and with sale prices that virtually anyone can afford. Like all luxury items, though, if you want to truly flaunt your wealth, there are options to impress even the richest connoisseur.

If you’d like to see how the .01% lives, browse these listings of the most expensive pianos we could find. These are the Bugattis, Lamborghinis, and McLarens of the piano world.

(Feel free to supply your best Robin Leach impersonation.)

Piano Prices Of The Rich And Famous

Beginning at the bottom, with the most relatively affordable, we have:

Fazioli F308.

Fazioli was founded in 1981, and focuses on making every instrument a piece of art. Only 110 pianos are produced every year at its Italian factory. They also make one of the longest grand pianos in the world: the F308. This monster of a piano is a staggering 10’2” and features a fourth pedal that functions much like an upright’s soft pedal. The result is sound that could easily fill the largest and grandest concert halls in the world.

Cost: $147,000

Steinway & Sons D-274

Probably the best-known piano in the world, the Steinway D is preferred by many true connoisseurs. Handcrafted over a period of nearly a year, the D-274 uses only the highest quality woods, including mahogany, in its construction. It also incorporates 125 different patented features and processes.

Cost: $148,000

Bösendorfer 290 Imperial

In recent years, Bösendorfer has risen to challenge Steinway & Sons as the top high-end piano manufacturer, and the Imperial shows why. This is their flagship model, and it features 97 keys – a full eight octaves. Many notable composers have written pieces specifically for the Imperial, including Bartók, Debussy, Ravel, and Mussorgsky.

Cost: $157,000

C. Bechstein D282

Possibly one of the most classically beautiful pianos ever crafted, the D282 sounds at least as good as it looks. With an incredible dynamic range and perfect key action, the D282 is a true musician’s instrument. Its lyrical, almost vocal quality is enchanting. This grand piano was designed from the brass rollers upwards for exactly one purpose: to provide the best-sounding piano in the world. Many believe they have achieved it.

Cost: $188,000

However, these are comparatively cheap when it comes to the highest-end pianos. When you start getting into custom models and limited editions, the sky truly is the limit!

The Kuhn Bösendorfer

A few years ago, Bösendorfer laid claim to the world’s most expensive piano with this awe-inspiring instrument, which features more than 200 pieces of hand-cut lead crystals throughout its case. It’s not known exactly how many were produced, but the buyers were among the richest piano enthusiasts in the world. How would one of these look in your living room?

Alma Tadema Steinway

Cost: $845,000

Alma-Tadema Steinway

In 1998, Steinway & Sons laid claim to the most expensive piano ever sold, with the original 1887 Alma-Tadema, which set records at Christie’s of London. This masterpiece of 19th century design isn’t just a piano; it’s a true work of art, including a recreation of Sir Edward J. Poynter’s painting The Wandering Minstrels.

Cost: $1.2 Million

The Very Top

Do you scoff at $1 million? Then feast your eyes on this, the Gerhard Heintzman Crystal Piano, which sold for a whopping $3,220,000 and is currently the world’s most expensive piano. What more can I say?

If piano prices weren’t of concern to you, which one would YOU want?

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